Disruptor of Bitcoin ASIC market? Demystify KOI Miner C16 Max model


Table of Content

  • Glance of current ASIC market
  • KOI Miner C16MAX 113T unravel
  • Company behind KOI Miner
  • C16 Max Profitability
  • KOI Miner Announcement in Bitcoin 2022 Miami

The Bitcoin mining industry has been energizing and booming recently. Crypto mining is lively progressed. About 20 crypto mining companies are currently in the process of being listed public or under SEC review. Multiple new Bitcoin mining ETFs are up. The consolidation and innovation never end. Energy conglomerates are waking up to participate in Bitcoin mining (Exxon Weighs Taking Gas-to-Bitcoin Pilot to Four Countries), politicians are creating a mining-friendly business environment for miners, e.g., Texas, Miami is approaching to be Bitcoin paradise island. Investment bank titan Goldman Sachs is preparing to offer cryptocurrency investment services this year, considering it as a new asset class, a new class of store of value. We have seen some exciting signals from a fundamental view of events in the first quarter of 2022.

The price of the hash rate is discounted at the end of March. Distributors are marking down the mining rigs. We are just getting started as 2002 continues to unfold. The Proof of Work mining industry has been realizing, no longer an underwater business.

“We’ve now hit a critical mass of institutional
engagement in crypto. Everyone from the major banks
to PayPal and Square is getting more involved, which is a
loud and clear signal that crypto is now an official asset
class. “

Michael Novogratz (Galaxy Digital)
The backbone of Bitcoin mining is hash rate contribution.
Bitmain and MicroBT have dominated the ASIC miner for some time. S19 lines and M30 lines are currently popular choices in the market. However, a potential Bitcoin mining disruptor line is joining the game: The KOI Miner C16 Max 113T.
Here are some details from the manufacturer, let’s get into the data
KOI Miner

  • Model: C16MAX 113T
  • Hash Rate: 113TH (+-5%)
  • Power Consumption: 3400W
  • Power Efficiency: 30 J/T +-
  • Process Technology: FinFET N+1
  • Boards: 4
  • Network: Ethernet
  • Noise: 75 – 80db
  • Temperature: 0-40 C
  • Algorithm: SHA256

The exterior design looks quite sleek:

(Reminds me a bit of Audi RS series family front mask)

Manufacturer, the company behind KOI miner: AGMH

AGM Group Holdings Inc., a company listed on Nasdaq Global Markets.

By 2021, the company has fully transformed into a bitcoin mining machines production and sales industry. With its strategic partner Shenzhen Highsharp Electronic Co., Ltd., AGMH has developed the most advanced Bitcoin AISC miner. The power consumption could be 29-30J/T, while the hash rate could reach 113T/s, making AGMH the top 3 AISC miner producers globally. The KOI Miner C16 series miner launched by AGMH has been popular with Bitcoin players worldwide since its listing in August 2021.

As of the reporting period, more than 65,000 mining machine orders have been signed, with more than 300 million US dollars. C16 series miner was mass-produced in December 2021, and more than 10000 units have been delivered to the clients. Targets include Meten International Education Group, North America’s leading digital currency equipment supply chain service and consulting company Nowlit, U.S. stock digital currency computing power operators Stronghold, and other influential Bitcoin mining players.

AGMH has now begun preparations to construct a miner production base in North America. The company’s R&D laboratory, hardware production, equipment line, and business development team are expected to settle in North America.

Comment by Mr. Chenjun Li, the executive officer of AMGH, ”

“Despite disruptions in the global supply chain and logistics during the year-end, we successfully managed to fully deliver the first batch of mining machines to Meten, demonstrating the effectiveness of our execution. Looking ahead, we will further enhance our supply capabilities as we accumulate more large-scale orders from the cryptocurrency mining sector.”

Incorporated in April 2015 and headquartered in Beijing, China, AGM Group.

Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: AGMH) is an integrated technology company focusing on providing fintech software services and producing high-performance hardware and computing equipment. AGMH’s mission is to become one of the key participants and contributors in the global fintech and blockchain ecosystem.

According to the manufacturer, the pricing range will be 30% lower than Antminer 110T models, making this model a rather lucrative option.
The Bitcoin network hash rate is running at 198 exahashes per second. The Bitcoin spot price is $46700, difficulty level 28.59T, and the revenue is about $23.49 per day.

KOI Miner C16 Max 113T is the second most profitable machine after S19 XP 140T, while it estimates about half the price of S19 XP. If the company can keep up the production for demand, it would be a surprising disruptor in the ASIC miner market. And we will see more institutional mining companies start adopting this line. In the past, with cryptocurrency prices remaining volatile, along with the ASIC machine’s worth, we can hopefully see the prices be more stable and transparent as more rigs launch. New rigs are coming out continuously, driving down Bitcoin ASICs market price overall.
More institutions interested in getting involved in these new models will stabilize the ASIC price market and benefit ASIC miner consumers.

(The high-end models Under 38J/TH price continue dropping)
Based on my information so far, it is a desirable choice. Personally speaking, I am looking to get one if stock is available for my region. And please note that the company is showing up KOI miner C16 Max in next week’s Bitcoin 2022 (April 6 – 9) in Miami. KOI’s stand is at 921. So check them out for more information if you are around.

Latest Update of Bitcoin Mining: (2022-04-02)

  • Hash Price ($/TH/Day): $0.20
  • Daily BTC Revenue per 1000T: 0.00446
  • Network Hashrate: 198.27 EH/s
  • Difficulty: 28.58 T

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