How Much Can Bitmain S19 Make Per Day?


Bitmain is one of the most popular brands associated with the crypto asset mining industry. From creating mining rigs to developing its native mining pool, the network is a big player in the crypto space.


Bitmain S19 Miner

Bitmain has been developing different models of mining rigs since 2014. One of its top-rated series of mining rigs is the Antminer S19. The four models under the S19 series include the following; 

  • Antminer S19 — The basic version of the S19 series. The most affordable but least productive of all. 
  • Antminer S19 Pro — Slightly advanced version of the S19 with better specs and more productivity. 
  • Antminer S19j Pro — This particular class of Antminers is the second tier in the series. It’s highly productive and costly.
  • Antminer S19 XP — This is the S19 Antminer offering the most elite services. 

The four models offer different pros regarding profitability, return on investments, and maintenance. This guide will focus on the amount of BTC or dollar value of cryptocurrency one Bitmain Antminer S19 can deliver. 


What Coins Can you Mine with Antminer S19?

Before addressing the profitability level of the mining rig, it’s vital to know what you can mine with the S19. Which coins are available for mining using the Bitmain Antminer s19? 

In general, during development, the creators of the Antminers input algorithms that help in mining some types of crypto assets. In the S19 model, the crypto coins supported follow the SHA 256 algorithm.

As such, these miners from S19, S19 pro, S19 XP, and S19XP pro can all be used in mining top coins like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The duo of BTC and BCH both use the SHA 256 algorithm. 

It’s widespread knowledge that Bitcoin is the pioneer of the crypto asset landscape. Bitcoin Cash followed a couple of years later as a fork of Bitcoin. Therefore, the two coins follow a similar algorithm. Several other crypto assets leveraging parallel algorithms can also be available for mining using the Antminer S19.


What is the Price of an Average Antminer?

As mentioned above, the miners in the S19 series all have different features, hence offering different output levels. Due to their differing configurations, the miners also have other valuations. 

According to different sources, the average value of the S19 and S19 pro range between $2500 and $3600. But how about the other Antminer brands? 


  • Bitmain S19j Pro+. Source: Bitmain shop

Depending on their productivity, Others like the S19j Pro and S19 XP range between $2.3k and 6.3k, and that’s recent value. Interestingly, Bitmain offers its store where investors can directly purchase the Bitmain Antminers for fair prices 1.e., the prices mentioned above.

However, these miners are also available on Amazon and could go for slightly higher costs. Either way, you will pay much more for S19 XP than any other model in the S19 series.


So, how Much Can S19 Make?

The amount of income an S19 Antminer makes depends on the specific model, hashrate, and general power requirement.

Moreover, while the amount of coin mined could be low or high, the dollar value of the coin determines the extent of the profit — the higher the dollar value of the coin mined, the higher your profits.

Here is a short profit analysis of the four main types of S19;

Bitmain S19 Profitability

According to sources, the average S19 consumes about $0.06/kWh for electricity. However, the reports also indicate that in a single day, the Antminer can help generate $8.04 worth of crypto.

The net electricity cost stands at $7.8. As such, on a daily, the average Antminer S19 generates profits of merely $0.24. However, another Bitmain S19 hydro mining calculator indicates that the profits could go higher depending on the value of BTC.

A report by the Hashrate index suggests that the base version S19 profitability could hit a high of $4.3 per day.



Bitmain’s profit calculator. Source: Bitmain

Bitmains profit calculator can also help investors know the profitability of the individual Bitmain S19. 


Bitmain S19 Pro Profitability 

S19 is the second smallest of the S19 series, with its functionality slightly higher than average. According to Nicehash, the average S19 pro generates just about $9.29, with the electricity costs amounting to $7.8. 

This miner consumes about 3250 watts of electricity; hence its power costs are high. As such, the miner can give profits averaging just about $1.49 daily.

However, another Bitmain S19 hydro mining calculator indicates that the earnings from the S19 pro could go to as high as $5, translating into about $2k annually. 

This makes the pro version of S19 a little more profitable when compared to the base version. 


S19j Pro Profitability

Another one of the S19 series is the j Pro, a miner, which is a slight improvement to the base version S19. This miner leverages 3050 watts to generate 8.46 USD every other day. Higher estimates indicate that the S19j pro can generate profits hitting about $8 daily. 

This Antminer comes with different other variants and unique hashrate capacities. Since its price is about $6k, it would take a couple of years to have a total return on investment.


S19 XP Profitability



S19 XP. Source: Bitmain shop

Third in the group is the S19 XP, which based on data, brings more income than its predecessors. The miner generates about $20 worth of Bitcoin every other day. 

However, its daily operational costs amount to just about $10. These costs are mainly because this miner consumes 3010 watts.

Based on the Bitmain S19 hydro mining calculator data, the S19 can give an average of about $10 profit every day. Translated into monthly, the S19 XP can generate about $300. 

According to reports, this is by far the most profitable of the S19 series. It was designed to be more efficient with power consumption while providing better output. 


What is the Antminer’s Life Expectancy?

The life expectancy of a machine/miner is one thing most crypto-mining investors often look into before buying.

Knowing the life expectancy can help investors decide on which of the miners to buy. This is because every investor wants a total return on their initial investment, i.e., the purchase price for Antminer.

So, what is the average lifespan of a Bitmain Antminer S19 and all the miners under the series? 

The S19 base version has a life span of just about two years. Meaning after two years, the miners could start malfunctioning or even fully seize operating. The lifespan of the Bitmain S19 Pro model is also two years. This Pro model is slightly costlier than the base version but provides more daily income. Before buying any of the two, consider the cost-profit analysis. 

The S19 XP version has a long life expectancy which ranges between 3 years and six years. This means you have six years of earning back your initial investment cost and making regular profits mining any currency. The J Pro version also has a life expectancy of about 3 to 6 years.

Based on the analysis, you will get a full return on your initial investment in about 24 months. 


Final Word

This guide has been exploring the profitability of the Antminer s19 series, focusing on the four main models under the series. As discussed, this series is the product of Bitmain technologies, a network whose hand in the mining space is massive.

All four models are profitable and can help the average investor get good ROIs. Their life expectancy is long enough to help break even on the initial investment and make profits a long time after that. 

Interestingly, the S19 series is just one of the many models Bitmain technologies provide. The network has other more expensive and productive miners for different coins in the industry.




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