How to choose the correct power supply for Whatsminer ?


A reliable power supply is essential for optimal mining results and should not be overlooked. Hence, selecting the accurate power supply is critical for achieving optimum performance and reliability when running a Whatsminer. With some research and knowledge, you can ensure your mining rig runs efficiently and reliably.

This article will offer insights, explain what criteria to consider when selecting your Power Supply Unit (PSU), and explore other valuable tips, such as max-wattLoader values and PSU compatibility guidelines.


Overview of Whatsminer ASIC cryptocurrency miners


Choosing the right power supply for your Whatsminer ASIC is crucial as a crypto miner. The three main types of Whatsminers – S9, T9+, and M20 – require different power supplies based on their voltage and wattage.

  • Whatsminer S9

The tried-and-true S9 needs a high-quality power supply to handle its high 1400W power draw. You’ll want an ATX power supply with at least 1600W of continuous power and the proper PCIE 6+2 pin or 6 pin connectors. The Bitmain APW7 is a solid, efficient choice.

  • Whatsminer T9+

The T9+ draws significantly less power at 815W, so a quality 1000-1300W ATX power supply should do the trick. Again, look for one with PCIE connectors and high efficiency. Some good budget-friendly options would be EVGA 1000W G3 or Corsair RM1000x.

  • Whatsminer M20

The M20 needs a beastly power supply to match its 3300W power. You’ll want a server-grade power supply that continuously outputs at least 3500-4000W. The Bitmain APW12 provides a very high 94% efficiency at 3300W and is specifically designed for this model.

In summary, choose a power supply based on your Whatsminer’s voltage and ensure it can provide stable, continuous power with spare headroom. Look for high efficiency, quality components, and the proper PCIE connectors. With the right power behind it, your Whatsminer will run optimally and maximize your mining profits.


Choosing the right power supply wattage for Whatsminer


The power supply is one of the most critical components of your Whatsminer. Choosing one with the proper wattage will ensure maximum efficiency and prevent damage to your miner.


Whatsminer models


The Whatsminer series includes the D1, T1, M1, M3, M3X, and the S9. These models have varying power requirements:

  • D1: 1150W
  • T1: 2200W
  • M1: 1400W
  • M3: 3300W
  • M3X: 3300W
  • S9: 1300W

Each model needs a power supply with at least the minimum wattage to operate appropriately. Choose a power supply rated 10-20% more than the minimum for the best efficiency. This gives the miner enough overhead and prevents the power supply from running at total capacity all the time.


Power supply types


The two most common types of power supplies for cryptocurrency miners are ATX and server power supplies. ATX power supplies are more affordable but may lack the high wattages needed for some models. Server power supplies are industrial-grade and designed to handle high power draw devices but tend to cost significantly more.

For most home miners with a few ASICs, an ATX power supply will work great. A server power supply is better suited for larger commercial operations to power multiple miners simultaneously. Ensure a high enough wattage to accommodate all your miners with extra headroom.


Calculating total power draw


To determine the total wattage needed for your setup, simply add up the power draw of all your individual miners. Then multiply that number by 1.2 to allow for 20% extra overhead. That will give you the minimum power supply wattage recommendation for your Whatsminer fleet. Choosing a power supply with slightly higher wattage is even better, as it will run cooler and more efficiently.


Recommended power supply types and features for Whatsminers


To choose the suitable power supply for your Whatsminer, there are a few things to consider:


Power Requirements

The specific Whatsminer model you have will determine how much power it draws. For example, the Whatsminer D1 pulls about 1,300 watts, while the M20S needs over 3,000 watts. Make sure any power supply you choose can handle the wattage needs of your miner. Going with a lower wattage could damage your machine or cause it to run inefficiently.


Voltage Rating

Whatsminers run on either 110/220V or 220/240V. Double-check your miner’s specs to determine which voltage it requires. Then choose a power supply that specifically supports that voltage. Using an incompatible power supply could fry your miner.


80 PLUS Certified

For maximum efficiency and safety, choose a power supply that is 80 PLUS certified. These supplies convert AC to DC power at 80% efficiency or higher, reducing excess heat and wasted energy. 80 PLUS power supplies also meet rigorous safety and performance standards.


Modular Cables

A modular power supply has detachable cables, so you only have to plug in the necessary cables. This helps reduce cable clutter and improves airflow. For a Whatsminer, choose a power supply with enough 6+2 pin PCIe cables to connect to your miner’s hash board ports.


Extra Features

Some optional features to consider include:

  • Fan control – It lets you adjust fan speed for less noise. Useful if your miner is in a home or office.
  • Over/under voltage protection – Helps prevent power surges or drop damage.
  • Short circuit protection – Cuts off power if a short circuit is detected, preventing a fire hazard.
  • Multiple 12V rails – Provides more stable power delivery for high-wattage miners.
  • 5-year+ warranty – Gives you peace of mind in case of any issues.

With the right power supply for your Whatsminer’s needs, your miner will run safely and efficiently, giving you the best chance of earning maximum profits from your cryptocurrency mining operation.



Now you know how important it is to choose the right power supply for your Whatsminer. Don’t skimp and try to cut corners here to save a few bucks. Investing in a high-quality, properly-rated power supply will pay off with a mining rig that runs efficiently and safely in the long run. 

Do your research to determine the specific power requirements for your miner model. Then find a power supply from a reputable brand that provides clean, stable power at the voltage you need.



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