Top 5 Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites of 2023


Bitcoin mining is considered one of the highest-paying passive income options within the crypto community. This system of earning new bitcoin was launched at the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. In the early stages, everyone would mine their crypto at home. 

However, as time passed, more bitcoin and crypto-mining solutions were invented. One of the solutions is called cloud mining. In cloud mining, the miner earns from mining without owning any mining hardware in cloud mining. Today’s crypto space is blessed with dozens of cloud mining sites for bitcoin. This guide explores the top 5.





AMGCrypto is a major cloud mining service provider, considered among the largest networks in the world. Based on reports, this network offers services in over 176 countries and thousands of miners. This network has a team of experts in the blockchain development space.

The network offers crypto-mining services using several legal and encrypted contracts and zero charges for services like electricity and management. Interestingly, AMGCrypto boasts 24-7 customer support.

AMG crypto has been designed with many benefits. For instance, every other day, this network offers payouts. Furthermore, the network offers entry levels of zero costs. Network users also enjoy affiliate programs of 7% for a lifetime.

Being among the largest networks, AMGCrypto has been guaranteeing investors and great cloud mining experience.

Based on the reports, the network offers bonuses hitting heights at $3000 through referral benefits. 





Founded in 2017, ECOS is on our list of the best cloud mining sites for bitcoin miners. Reports indicate that this is the first ever cloud mining site to operate within legal bounds. ECOS was launched around the Free Economic Zone of Armenia.

The most exciting thing about the network is that it made a seal with an electricity provider in Armenia. The mining company claims a global usage of over 400k people all across the globe. 

Furthermore, ECOS supports mining major tokens, including tether, bitcoin, and ripple. The complaints have indicated that the wallet withdrawal threshold is currently capped at 0.000001BTC.

The overall outlook f the platform indicates a user-friendly and likeable platform. Like the other platforms mentioned above, ECOS offers 24-7 services for the average investor. 

The network’s minimum contract value of the ECOS network is just about $150, and the network charges zero for opening and closing accounts.

ECOS notes that they provide a strong team, armed guards, great partners, and even support from the Armenian government when offering services.





Third on our list is Fancycrypto, a network considered the most accessible cloud mining site across the crypto arena. The users claim that this platform brings an affordable and user-friendly system. 

In the network, newcomers get an offer of a $10 bonus just for signing up. The network also dictates that referral rewards are going up to 3%. Furthermore, FancyCrypto offers mining services 24-7, with no minimum deposit requirements. 

Once the mining begins, FancyCrypto offers fast and instant payments for investors. Of course, FancyCrypto is majorly created for the mining of bitcoin. However, the network claims support for several other cryptocurrencies.

FacyCrypto claims to have at least five years of mining experience, attracting over 360k users. They claim to have superior mining technology than other competitors. Furthermore, the network offers customer support 24-7. This network noted that they have about 100 MW of power. 





Fourth on the list is Bitdeer. So Bitdeer is a network created to provide some effective cryptocurrency services. The network describes itself as a market for hash rates.

Bitdeer has partnered with mining pools, including Antpool,, and many others collaborations to enhance service delivery.

Based on reports, Bitdeer’s cloud mining leverages some major and highly powerful ASIC and GPU miners. In recent statements, Bitdeer has vastly expanded its services to over 200 countries with contract lengths 180. The network offers several types of contracts. 

Furthermore, a look at the network’s web page indicates that Bitdeer has averaged at least 52% carbon-free energy since the end of last year. About five mining farms currently comply with Bitdeer’s arrangements.

Investors can easily download the phone application for Bitdeer, which enables them to start mining bitcoin with a single click. The network also actually brings instant notifications of anything coming up. Finally, using the application, you can track the revenue you made from mining the crypto assets. 





Finally, Nicehash closes the list of bitcoin’s top cloud mining networks. So, what is Nicehash? Launched in 2014, Nicehash has been praised by many as the leading crypto-mining network. Owing to its long-term presence in the industry, Nicehash is considered among the most reputable mining networks.

Being in the industry for a long time, Nicehash has introduced unique features like fiat withdrawals, peer-to-peer hash rate trading, and many more. Essentially, Nicehash and its services are directly connected to bitcoin. 

Interestingly, Nicehash offers both mining hosting and cloud mining services. 

The network owns no mining hardware; users contribute their hash power. So, users can contribute their hash power by sending their mining devices to Nicehash. 

Nicehash also has a native mobile application that helps quickly solve investors’ mining needs. However, there’s a catch, Nicehash charges around a 2% payment fee for bitcoin deposits.





An honourable mention, in this case, is Luban Investment in Paraguay. The new, recently launched platform boasts the capacity to offer mining hosting services for investors.

The network offers two major mining products: 

  • S19Jpro+ — This product leverages 3300W, has a 120T hash rate, and costs an average of $3120. The fee paid at first includes purchase, installation, transport, inspection, operation, maintenance and one-month electricity cost. Once on the shelf, the investor will pay $0.065kw/h with the management fee running up to 20%.
  • S19Jpro — This product leverages 3250W of power to provide 110T of hash rate. The cost per product is $2420. The investor pays $2420 for transport, inspection, labour, operation, maintenance and one month of electricity. After the initial cost, the investor will continue paying $0.065kw/h and 20% in management fees. 

The company notes that the MOQ for any of the two products is one machine, but the investor can buy more than 100 units.


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Final Word


This guide looked into the top 5 best cloud mining sites for a starter in the mining business. Despite dozens of cloud mining networks across the crypto ecosystem, the five above, including AMGCrypto, ECOD, Bitdeer, Nicehash and FancyCrypto, are praised for being the best. 

Each platform offers a unique set of services, differing from the competitors. Furthermore, some have been available for years hence highly reputable. However, as it is popular in crypto, you must research the projects before investing.




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