The Disappearing Bitcoin Miners

Why is captive bitcoin mining no longer profitable ?

Lower electricity rates? Better miners? Safer sites? Better service?

April 20, 2024 Bitcoin production has halved for the fourth time, causing many miners to lose profitability.

The current decline in network-wide arithmetic suggests that: self-operating bitcoin miners are disappearing! Due to excessive electricity prices and high power consumption of miners, and also the need to pay potentially high maintenance costs for older miners.

If you want to continue with bitcoin mining, there are several factors to consider; lower electricity rates, low power consumption miners, and a one-stop shop for miner repairs and O&M services.

If you’re looking for a product that fulfills all of these requirements at the same time, then keep browsing for what’s coming next.


Meta-Luban Whatsminer M60 166TH

Meta-Luban Whatsminer M60 166TH

Hosting repair integration

Full risk coverage

Receive Full Returns

Access to hashrate within 24 hours

Electricity: $0.055/kwh

20% Booked Totals 10
Total amount$2822
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Meta-Luban Whatsminer M50 120TH

Meta-Luban Whatsminer M50 120TH

Hosting repair integration

Full risk coverage

Receive Full Returns

Access to hashrate within 24 hours

Electricity: $0.055/kwh

46% Booked Totals 23
Total amount$1140
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About Miner Hosting Group Purchase

With traditional mining hosting you need to buy your own miners and transport them to the hosting site, and you also need to find a repair team when the miners break down.

Cloud computing requires customers to pay high hashrate fees, resulting in lower returns for customers or even some cloud mining platforms are unable to do asset rights for customers.

* Vendor Support: Meta-Luban works directly with Micro and has a 24-hour up and running guarantee.

* Risk full payout: uncontrollable risk, full payout guarantee.

* High yield: Higher yield than cloud mining, stable mining income.

* Hosting maintenance integration (extended warranty policy): 24 hours to complete the maintenance to ensure stable operation of the mining machine.

* Mining machine buyback policy: quit mining at any time, we provide miners buyback service.

* Stable online rate: 90%-95% online rate.

Are there any other fees?

Take Whatsminer M60 hosting product for example:

Pickup fee: 30USD

Mining machine air transportation: 100USD

Customs Clearance Fee: Miner Price * 14% (400USD)

Ground transportation: 20USD

Shelving fee: 10USD

Miscellaneous Fee: 40USD

Total: 599USD

The miners comes with a one-year official warranty, and we offer one year of extended value-added service ($79/unit/year), beyond the warranty period, billing according to the VIP repair standard.

Customers can choose their own mining pools and earnings are paid out according to the rules of the pools chosen by the customer.

Electricity: $0.055 per kWh. Electricity bills are due on the 5th of each month. Payment is due within 5 days of receipt of the bill, i.e. on the 10th of each month.

Note: In the event that the governmental management and maintenance department, power supply department, tax department, etc. collects management surcharge or adjusts the tariff standard or adjusts the tax policy, Party B will adjust the tariff accordingly and notify Party A in writing 3 days in advance.

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Miners Installment Payment Service

Provided by MetaLuban, customers who purchase more than 50 units can enjoy the most favorable mining machine installment service, only need to pay 50% of the total amount to get your mining machine up and running right away.

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