Innosilicon is a one-stop IP and chip customization service and GPU leader in China, providing a full set of high-performance IP cores and ASIC customization solutions from 55nm to 5nm FinFETs from major process houses around the world.

The company has been based on local development for 15 years, all IP and chips are fully self-controlled, after billions of mass production polished, for ten consecutive years China's market share is far ahead, is launching the first data centre high-performance server GPU - "Feng Hua".

Coretronic is the only technology partner in China that is contracted by the world's top fabs (TSMC/Samsung/Graphics/SIC/UMC/Intel), with a particular focus on the sub-22nm FinFET/FDX node, supporting advanced domestic processes such as Huali. Coretronic is one of the few leading companies to have successfully completed a number of national 01 and 02 major projects, and is the recipient of the 4th China IC Innovation Award and the 2021 China IC Windy List "IC Unicorn of the Year Award".

Huawei Heisi, Ruixin Micro, Allwinner, Junzheng, AMD, Microsoft, Amazon, Microchip, Cypress and other global companies. CoreTech's technology is behind billions of high-end SoC products around the world, such as the "face authentication" chip for rail transportation ID cards, AI smart speakers, automotive electronics, HDTV/set-top boxes, surveillance cameras, mobile phones, tablets, servers, switches and High performance computing products such as top CPU/NPU/GPU.