Exploring Mining Hardware Upgrades

Cryptocurrency hardware development, production and sales

Bitcoin Mining Equipment


Goldshell Miner is an industry-leading technology company. The company was founded in 2017, we are focusing on high-performance miners and application fields.

Bitcoin Mining Equipment


The Avalon bitcoin miner is a powerful and efficient device for mining bitcoin. It is manufactured by Canaan, a leading company in the cryptocurrency industry.

Hydro Cooling R&D and Production

20 feet hydro-cooling container

For 250 Hydro miner cooling

Hydro Cooling R&D and Production

30 units Hydro cooling container

For 30 units Hydro miner cooling

Hydro Cooling R&D and Production

Single Hydro miner cooling equipment

It is an independent air and water cooling device developed for a single S19 miner.

Hydro Cooling R&D and Production

Hydro cooling retrofit kit

We can achieve an average arithmetic power of 180th, super frequency of 61%, chip temperature of about 40-60 degrees, power consumption of 6.6kw, energy consumption ratio of 36.6w/t.

Bitcoin Mining Equipment


Whatsminer is a blockchain and artificial intelligence based technology company. It focuses on the development, production and sales of integrated circuit chips and products, and provides corresponding system solutions and technical services.

Bitcoin Mining Equipment


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