Hydro cooling retrofit kit


In miner’s fan-cooling era, Antminer S19pro is the mass-produced one, which has the highest hashrate,and with 110T hashrate, power consumption 3250 w, Power consumption ratio 29.5w/t, dwarfs all others. If there are any products, which don’t need to care about bear market or bull one, then the machine has to be S19pro, the only and best choice.

We completed the evolution of the S19pro from air-cooled to water-cooled based on the S19pro 110T, achieving a stable arithmetic power of 180T for the water-cooled product.

We custom developed a 7000w water-cooled power supply, which is the key to be able to run water-cooled miners. Compared to air-cooled and oil-cooled power supplies, this power supply has lower running temperature and more stable operation.



The individually designed and developed control board can control all the machines with one click, which truly realizes distributed mining.

We can achieve an average arithmetic power of 180th, super frequency of 61%, chip temperature of about 40-60 degrees, power consumption of 6.6kw, energy consumption ratio of 36.6w/t. The outlet temperature can be controlled at about 40°, which can heat the home in cold areas and reuse heat energy, and reduce the damage rate of miners by more than 90% and reduce operation and maintenance costs.



The whole process of water cooling upgrade

1.Prepare a used S19pro 110T

2. dismantle the case, fan and hash board

3.remove the heat sinks

4.clean the Hash board, remove the dust our water-cooling upgrade kit

6.Put silicon grease on the chips

7.Install the water cooling plates

8.The installment of three water cooling plates is completed, then the water pipe interface

9.connect the hashboard to the wire, put it back into the case

10.change the PSU for our water-cooling one

11.connect it to the water tower



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