Single Hydro miner cooling equipment


It is an independent air and water cooling device developed for a single Antminer S19 miner.

It is easy to install, you only need to connect the water cooler to the air cooler, add coolant and it can run directly.

Regarding the noise situation, it can be controlled at around 40-50 decibels, compared to 80-90 decibels of air-cooled miner, the noise can be reduced by 50%, which greatly alleviates the noise trouble.
About the s19pro110t in the use of wind exhaust situation of the actual measurement data.



When the s19pro110t runs for 33 minutes, the average arithmetic power can reach 180th, the super frequency is 61%, and the chip temperature is around 40-60 degrees. Power consumption can be controlled at 6.6kw, with an energy consumption ratio of 36.6w/t.

If you only have single-phase power at home, you can also use the 4500W air-cooled power supply solution, in conjunction with independent air-drain cooling equipment to use, although the overclocking performance is not as good as water-cooled power supplies, but also to obtain a stable 30% overclocking gains.

Regardless of the solution you use, the outlet temperature is around 40°, which can be used to heat your home in colder areas and reuse heat energy, while reducing the damage rate of mining machines by more than 90% and lowering operation and maintenance costs.

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